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Thursday, July 16, 2009



busy, frantic, hectic, rapid movement of work, the moving process and long commutes.

time management really becomes important, something i've been attempting to improve and become better at. i'm learning to prioritize, actually creating and utilizing to-do lists, setting up small goals and reaching them if not surpassing them beyond expectations.

as work has become extremely, you must determine where the work/life balance is, right? as much as we all take pride in any activity we do, we cannot devote all of our time to "the job" (as much as i love mine), we still need to enjoy life - things including spending time with family and friends, maintaining good habits such as working out, acknowledging people, responding to emails, reciprocating to tweets, facebook, etc.

the moving process - well, it requires time as it's so involved. you come to the realization that you have collected a lot of garbage and random things you no longer need or want. however, you also find treasures - photo albums opening doors to fond memories, books that have affected your life on so many levels. it's demanding yet so rewarding.

the long, daily commute. aaargh. the drive can be horrific as heavy traffic can really pull and tear away at your sanity. or you can make it a positive experience. i've learned to stay in a better frame of mind, concentrating on the good things, positive energy to bring more positive energy. every morning, i make a list of goals for the day, create my plan of attack, and do it.

you need to look at things from different angles, can't let stress or anger affect your thinking. i feel stronger, more focused with goals, priorities and life.

let's do this.


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