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Saturday, July 4, 2009



The Rotater: A Shoulder Rehabilitation, Shoulder Stretching and Shoulder Flexibility Device

the rotater is something i stumbled upon on twitter. a device made for a particular purpose - to maximize your shoulder performance. a very simple looking apparatus made by joint mechanix.

i'm learning that rotator cuff injuries are very common which can be caused by falling and repetitive overhead lifting to repetitive arm movements or something as common as carrying a child in your arms. nobody wants to hear they may have shoulder tears, irritation or possibly damage to their rotator cuff muscles or tendons.

common symptoms can be pain and tenderness in your shoulder when reaching overhead, lifting and pulling. i know my left shoulder felt discomfort when reaching behind my back, which may also have contributed to some shoulder weakness when compared to my right.
this made me very concerned and troubled as i do a lot of overhead lifting with kettlebells, sandbags, stones and other implements. tendinitis, strains and tears are risks with any regular athletic activities and movements.

i'm glad to say that since using the rotater, i've significantly improved my shoulder flexibility and range of motion. this is especially noticed in the internal rotation of my left shoulder. i injured my shoulder many years ago, been dealing with the slight discomfort ever since. as i get older, i need to take care of myself more. being conscious, making more of an effort to stay strong and healthy. you have to, right?

i highly recommend the rotater to anyone engaged with consistent and regular athletic activities, especially with overhead and repetitive movements e.g. kettlebells or barbells.
i've been in contact with chris melton who has been amazing, educative and informational.
take care of your shoulders. do it.

happy independence day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, daniel.
I always do some rotator cuff warmups with resistence bands that are similar in motion...ever since I started doing them, no shoulder issues. This looks like a great device for home use.
Thx again! -F.

Greenteagirl said...

Thanks for posting this and for posting the video. Being a massage therapist I really try hard to incorporate foam rolling and take care of things before they have a chance to get worse. It's all about preventitive care!

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