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Sunday, June 14, 2009



sunday, rest day. most of my sundays are spent catching up with reading books and articles. i understand rest is integral physically and mentally, allowing me to recover after an active and demanding week from both work and lifting. i understand rest allows my body to repair and strengthen itself. i understand it helps be recharge my batteries, giving me a good work/life balance. i understand it can help prevent over-training.
while sunday is a rest day, i become antsy and restless.
grip training is something i do often, as it is so easy to incorporate into my training. immediate benefits from various lifts; whether it's gripping a sandbag, swinging & lifting kettlebells (purposeful thick handles), thick bar or towel pull-ups. i'm very conscious of the importance of strong hands. seriously, how often do we use our hands?

barbell wrist curls
barbell wrist extensions
hand-to-hand stone pinches

barbell 2 x 10 reps
stone pinches 2 x 15 reps

barbell work for lower arm strength, build the forearms a little.
stone pinching to work fingers, especially thumb strength.

soundtrack: elvis costello "alison"


Anonymous said...

Interesting post, daniel...never heard of stone pinching [like the sound of that] How large a stone? how heavy? is it isometric or is 'hand-to-hand' passing stone back and forth?

Sorry for all the questions, but it sounds very intriguing. [Always searching for "enlightenment"!]

Very nice post, daniel. Thanks!

daniel_hautjobb said...

pinch strength is something i recently started training. really concentrates on thumb strength. and passing the stone back and forth is correct. i think i may need a heavier stone.
future goal: rip a telephone book in half.

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