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Saturday, June 6, 2009



starting the day moving & transporting shelves. ughh. we all know moving is no fun.
the latter part of the day, prepping & painting the bedroom. fun times. switching grips with the paint roller, arms over my head all evening.
later that night, it was time for some kettlebell lifting.

kettlebell @ 53#

1) c&p - 3 ladders x 4 rungs, 2 ladders 3 rungs

2a) kb two-handed swings
2b) hindu squats

descending & ascending ladders with minimal rest

Swing x 20
Hindu squat x 1
Swing x 19
Hindu squat x 2
Swing x 18
Hindu squat x 3

all the way to

Swing x 3
Hindu squat x 18
Swing x 2
Hindu squat x 19
Swing x 1
Hindu squat x 20

i didn't time myself... again, should've though.
struggled with clean & presses. painting is demanding, creeps up on you, gets your working.
hindu squats are tough. thinking burpees next time, like those are any more fun.
i didn't think it'd be possible to cramp both my calf and tibialis muscles at the same time. plus, it makes me walk funny.

soundtrack: arcade fire "no cars go"


Greenteagirl said...

I'm surprised you threw in a workout after moving and painting! That's hard work. Now I must look up what a hindu squat is ;).

Laura said...

Great job as always! I've done that ascending/descending ladder thing with pushups and burpees. It's truly awful, by which I mean I probably need to be doing it more.

Anonymous said...

This looks tough, daniel! I like the ladder combination of swings and squats. Really frying your legs...
Test of a great blog site=I still love visiting and thnk the design is smoooooth. Stay strong.

daniel_hautjobb said...

my girlfriend called me masochistic for working out after a good day moving and painting. i get upset at myself if i miss a workout.
gotta keep moving.

thanks for all the comments everyone. appreciate it lots.

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