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Sunday, June 21, 2009



father's day. my father passed away many, many years ago, when i was a teenager who thought i was invincible, adults were dumb, and i knew everything. i was sure stoopid. my father taught me a lot of things; many things which i eventually learned to fully realize and appreciate . one thing for certain - he taught me respect. not just for myself, but to respect others, being civil, acknowledging and treating people with courtesy and dignity. i miss my father.

MOVEMENT: joint mobility, bodyweight movements - bipedal & quadrupedal and jumps.

WORK: kettlebell snatch @ 53# - working sets of 5L/5R

they don't call kettlebell snatches 'the tsar of kettlebell lifting' for no reason. they're tough & challenging. i want to improve my numbers.

what are you doing to supplement and assist your snatch numbers?

soundtrack: beirut "elephant gun"


Juan Bacca RKC said...

I have been hitting my snatches two-three times a week with the Viking Warrior Program and it has made a huge difference in my numbers.

that70sgrl said...

Hope you don't mind me saying so, but I think your dad would be proud. :) I see respect in all you do. (the small teeny tiny [cyber] part of your world I see anyway :o) )

Anonymous said...

Very nice tribute to your Dad, daniel...I know he would be/is proud of you.
I miss mine too.

take good care,

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