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Tuesday, May 26, 2009



tuesday is a variety day, do what i want. i wanted to do some sandbag work. uncertain of its weight, estimating 75#. after a lengthy period of abuse over the past year, my sb had acquired an obscene hole which allowed play sand and pea gravel to spill in the trunk of my vehicle.
duct tape, the miraculous tool that allowed me to once again salvage and save my sb.
i've decided that any future sbs will be filled with only play sand as pea gravel proves to tear through multiple layers of contractor bags after my sb has been ripped, grabbed, dropped, slammed and thrown many a times.

1a) sb rotational deadlifts - 5 reps
1b) push-ups - 25 reps

2a) sb shouldering - 5 reps each side
2b) sb zercher squats - 6 reps

5 rounds, didn't set timer.

posterior chain was a buzzing, zercher squats really attacked the core. really felt the urge to finish with sled work. however, more immediate responsibilities did arise.

soundtrack: arcade fire "wake up"


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