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Saturday, May 30, 2009



after a much needed 8 hours of sleep, my woman and i visited our local coffee shop to enjoy some strong coffee. one of the things i enjoy immensely.
thereafter, with the eagerness and necessity of a new sandbag, we made a stopover at the nearest army surplus store. i was contented to find used army/military duffle bags hiding in a dark corner.

- top load heavyweight cotton canvas duffle bag
- cotton web shoulder straps
- double reinforced grab handle
- snap hook closure

just grabbing it in my hands, that feeling of ripping sandbags up off the floor. this was a good find. i would have to wait before making it into an odd object implement. i ended up washing it. who knows where it's been or whose hands have touched it after doing who knows what.

1a) kb c&p 53# - 3 ladders x 3 rungs
1b) kb c&p 53# - 2 ladders x 4 rungs

2) one-handed kb swings 35# - 6:00 minutes

concentrating on minimal hand switches, developing a progression to eventually one hand switch.

soundtrack: nin "march of the pigs"


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