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Friday, May 22, 2009



it's pre memorial day weekend. i feel this week is really weighing down on me. after another long drive from work to home, for that one split second, i was considering taking a nap.
we should listen to our bodies, as mine was shutting down. active rest is so important, often overlooked. listening to your body, giving yourself a break from the daily grind, keeping yourself fresh.

internal dialogue:
"take a nap, you've worked out all this week."
"you're tired, you deserve a nap."
"if you nap, you won't be able to fall asleep later."
"it's one more day until friday. man up, workout, just do it!"
i needed to workout. i wouldn't feel complete.
the music flooded in my head, my energy returned, i was fired up even for a light, variety day.

1) kb turkish get-up 53# - 10 minutes

2) kb windmill #44 one ladder, 5 rungs

3) kb one arm swing - 5:00 minutes switching every 5 reps

soundtrack: filter "hey man nice shot"


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