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Saturday, May 23, 2009



today was a good day.
after a bumpy morning, i decided to paint one of the closets. active rest and all, moved out some shelves and boxes, prepped the walls and carpet.
started painting away.
the idea is to create a theater-slash-video store feel with burgundy walls and eventually, vintage movie posters. Nothing cliched, trite or common, of course. While the paint was drying, i assembled the newly arrived shelves which will mostly hold my blu-ray and dvd movies, mostly. cds will be another the back of my mind, an itch i had to scratch.

today was a heavy kettlebell day.

1) kb c&p 44# - 5 ladders x 5 rungs

2) one-handed kb swings - 5:00 minutes switching every 10 reps

soundtrack: the analog girl "superfly"


estylee said...

what's the progress?

daniel_hautjobb said...

more painting completed, furniture moving around, lots of donations to salvation army, goodwill & veteran's, lots of packing.
a slow and painful process. all for the better though.

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