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Sunday, May 17, 2009



saturday, i had 10 minutes for a workout.

1) double kettlebell (2x35#) clean & presses 10 x 5 reps
each minute - on the minute

keeping form was key. quite a few open palm presses. no plan, just wanted to do 50 reps.

soundtrack: the knife "silent shout"


that70sgrl said...

Holy cow! Talk about efficient workout! You sure you're not German too? LOL! I gotta get into these kettlebells so I can keep up with you guys! :)
Great blog! I dig the title!

Anonymous said...

Simple,fast,assume very taxing...very nice.

I'm afraid I have to echo Cath's desire to get a kettlebell, as well. (Can't wait to train with Sandy...)

Thanks for the post, daniel!


daniel_hautjobb said...

i've been in kettlebell mode lately, such an amazing implement. i need to get my kettlebell certification. i just need to do it.

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